At Tuf-Tuf toy library in Utrecht, you can borrow toys to help your child play without limitations. Our toy library loans toys to children with a developmental delay, chronic illness, or disability. Tuf-Tuf toys are specially selected for these children. Their brothers and sisters can also make use of these services, thus enabling them to play together.

Playing is important
Children learn through playing. So, playing is not just fun, it is also very important for their development. It helps children to learn to walk and ride a bike, for example, but also teaches them how to deal with emotions. Playing is also very important for language development.

Visit Tuf-Tuf to:

  • borrow toys your child can enjoy playing with despite their disability;
  • try out which toys are suitable for your child
  • borrow resources for speech therapy, physiotherapy, or ergotherapy;
  • have fun playing with new toys.

Tuf-Tuf toys
It is often difficult to find suitable toys for children with a disability or a developmental delay. Tuf-Tuf has a large selection of adapted and ordinary toys to make sure there are suitable toys for every child. Go to the Toyviewer to look through all our toys from the comfort of your home.

Who is Tuf-Tuf for?
Do you have a child with a physical disability or learning disability, a chronic illness, a delay in their motor skills development or a delay in their speech or language development? Or is your child in special (primary) education? If so, we are here for you!

Become a member
You can borrow our toys with a Tuf-Tuf membership. Register for a membership at the toy library. Come and see us during opening hours. The toy library is located at Koningsweg 2 in Utrecht.

Opening hours
Mon: 19:00 – 20:30
Wed: 9:30 – 11:00
Sat: 10:00 – 12:00

Cancelling your membership
You can cancel your membership every year. Please let us know by e-mail before 1 January.

What does it cost?
The price of a membership depends on how many toys you want to borrow each time. You can come and exchange the toys as often as you want.
Membership price per year:
for 3 toys: €27.50
for 4 toys: €35
for 5 toys: €40
for 6 toys: €47.50

U-pass holders can pay with their U-pass credit.

Information about borrowing
All our toys are cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis. This means all the toys you borrow from us are always clean.
You can keep the toys at your home for a maximum of six weeks. After that, please return the toys to the toy library, so you can borrow different toys.

You can renew the loan of your toys once, for three weeks. You can arrange this on the website or by sending an e-mail to: uitleen@tuftuf.net or in the Toyviewer.

Please return toys clean, complete, and without damage. If anythingis missing or broken, you must pay for the damages.  There is a fine for late toy returns. The fine is €0.50 per week per toy returned late.