About Tuf-Tuf

Toy rental Tuf-Tuf lends toys to children from Utrecht and the surrounding municipalities who have developmental delays like, for instance, cerebral palsy, PIMD, Down’s syndrome, autism, visual impairment or hearing impairment, delays in speech or language development, long term diseases etc. Their brothers and sisters may also borrow toys from Tuf-Tuf.

At Tuf-Tuf, you will find toys that have been specially selected for this target group. The toys are for children up to a development age of approximately 6 to 7 years.
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At Tuf-Tuf, you can:

  • test (expensive) toys;
  • borrow materials that you need temporarily;
  • find out what is appropriate for your child;
  • borrow materials used in speech therapy, physiotherapy or occupational therapy;
  • have fun playing with new toys.

Not only fun, but also educational
By playing, children develop their motor skills, senses, language, cognitive and social abilities. Appropriate and stimulating toys challenge a child to investigate further.
Finding suitable toys for children with a disability or a developmental delay can sometimes be complicated. Our toy rental has a large selection of adapted toys and standard toys that children can enjoy

The family plan
Intended for individuals
Prices (subscription for a year):
3 toys: € 22.00
4 toys: € 28.00
5 toys: € 32.00
6 toys: € 38.00

U-pass holders receive a 25% discount on the subscription fee

Information about borrowing
You can keep the toys at home for six weeks.
Renewal is possible once for three weeks. This can be done at the toy rental itself or by sending an email to: uitleen@tuftuf.net. Please include your name and the toy you wish to renew in the email. You will always receive a confirmation with the date of the extension.
The fine is € 0.25 per week per toy if not renewed by email (uitleen@tuftuf.net).